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My personality test results is pretty spot on!

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People of HYPE November 2021 Honoree Yanover Blanco

  HYPE Honoree November 2021 LinkedIN Article HYPE Honoree November 2021 Born in Houston Texas, Yanover Blanco currently owns a construction company and is a licensed commercial general contractor. Previously, Yanover owned another construction company which he sold ownership of and started a new one. Soon after, he was able to use the lessons he learned and apply them to his new company. "It's not about getting stuck in the day-by-day grind...if you're stuck you will not be able to grow," says Yanover, "It's important to set time aside and allow others to step in and take other responsibilities so you can do the planning. Don't take on everything just because you can." For Yanover, it's more about looking at things in a bigger picture. "Don't get caught up in the present. Think about what will be of you in 10 years. Be resilient because things don't happen overnight."

GALEO Institute for Leadership

  This was a remarkable experience with an amazing Cohort. The course work was beneficial and challenging but the most significant benefit was getting to know the fellow participants. It was truly inspiring to get to know so many people with similar backgrounds that are doing such amazing things with their lives. We learned the value of serving our community in registering voters and engaging with our community through the different projects that we worked through. Working together as a group towards these remarkable goals was a powerful learning experience that I will always carry with me.   Personal GIL experience