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ALL ABOUT BUSINESS When I was a kid my dad was always walking around with a video camera. I am very grateful because we have many immortalized memories that we can run the tape on. We have a recording of a beautiful memory that stands out in my mind. It was the summer of 1992, I was about 6 years old. We had just left the states and Moved to where my mother's family was from. In the video we are at my Grandfather's house in a farming community in Rural Central Mexico.  When I say rural, I mean rural. To get there it took many miles of lonely and empty highways... then more miles of stone and gravel backroads , finally to the dirt roads of El Rancho de La Linea. At the time full of corn fields and orange groves and butterflies thousands of butterflies. In the video, you can see me walking across the screen with a big sack slung over my shoulder that looked like it weighed more than I did. You hear my father call out, "Jairito, what have you