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Hola Xiomara

  Hola Xiomara, You are going to be here at any moment!   Your mother and I are extremely excited and delirious with anticipation.  Our first born.  We have done everything we can to prepare for your arrival.  Your mother Julia has been amazing! She has been doing all of the research about how to make sure you are in perfect health.  She’s eaten right, taken all of the vitamins, worked out religiously (when she was able haha).  We want you to have an amazing start.  Life is short and we want to set you up to have the best shot at having a fulfilling one.  I have done as much as any man can do and that is to support your mother in the process.  I have done my very best to be a good partner to her.  You are loved!  You are wanted!  I hope you remember to appreciate how lucky you are. I want you to have every opportunity to be happy and live a fulfilling life. I will work hard for you to have everything you need and also to make sure you appreciate what blessings you do have.  I hope to b